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Each month our National Sales Director will be featuring a director in the area to train, inspire & motivate. Tune in monthly for each recorded message. If you'd like to call the number instead of listening on your computer, the number is: 712.432.0211 and 794811# when it asks for your pin. Then press # to listen to the most recent message. Press *1 to rewind 30 seconds, *2 to fast forward 30 seconds, *5 to pause or resume. What a GREAT chance to hear from the Buck Area SuperStars! Listen in at any time of the day or night during the month as it is a recorded message. ALL recorded messages are archived on Sharon's website.
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Gronholz Go-Giver's Oct. Unit Newsletter--posted 12/2/11Perfect Start/ Power Start & Power Start PLUS Winners!! And Target 4-5-6 Winners!Sharon Buck's National Newsletter--posted 08/23/2011
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Hello Million Dollar Secret Agents on a Million Dollar Mission:

I'm so excited to have this unit website---just for you!! You'll find many helpful things for you on this website!!

So, have fun browsing through the will change often so visit frequently!!!

I hope you can envision how it will feel to achieve all that you desire from your Mary Kay business. Maybe you want freedom & flexibility, or the chance to earn a free car. Who will come to help you celebrate picking up your shiny new car? Maybe you want to have more time with your family. EVERYTHING you envision comes from consistently holding skin care classes/parties & sharing the opportunity with others. It's always been my passion to help women be able to stay home and be their own boss. You can have it all with Mary Kay. I pray you find that out for yourself. Thanks for making our mission of enriching women's lives possible!!

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